Database of Intellectual property

Website Redesign

Web Design, User Interface Design,
HTML/CSS Responsive Site Development



Database of Intellectual Property (DIP) runs a private database of international trademarks, patents and designs with public access to their data.

The Need

DIP needed to enable users the detailed access to the registered patents and trade marks list quickly and easily. For the web redesign, they were looking for something modern, clear, simple and professional.

my approach

I wanted to simplify their content into as few sections as possible. Even after consolidating pages, I wanted to still consolidate their content, and the way that their users engaged with their site to further simplify the user experience.



I had convinced the client to simplify their search mechanism. Instead of having several fields to fill in as a default, I proposed including those in an additional advanced search, to guide any users that were needing help. The main search functions as a comprehensive, smart search system which searches by name, registration number, etc, and sorts be relevance.



Using bootstrap, I was able to easily adapt the content to fit on a number of various screen types and orientations. I also collapsed the navigation into a menu icon to save space and for easy accessibility.



Crisp, calm and simple. The user can quickly navigate through the content with ease. We have set up the landing page to make the search more prominent. The style harmonizes calmness and sophistication while still engaging the user with delightful micro-interactions.

DIP's developers are currently implementing this redesign, and the site will be up soon!