Hello tim!

First, I just have to say, your job post has me really excited! While I understand you are probably getting plenty of other qualified applications for the Product Designer position, I believe my unique background in design leadership and product design at a startup could be the perfect fit for your team. On top of this, I have actually made 1000+ educational documents for my wife who teaches a class of autistic junior high students. I've compiled 4 pieces which I feel are the most relevant to this position.

Of course, you can also see more of my work here or at any of my links below.

Thanks in advance!




In my 3 years at Granify, I have learned and accomplished so much. I've documented some of my proudest accomplishments at the link below.

Vision Alberta

I was the sole designer of Vision Alberta, including its conceptual design, directing of photography/videography and coordination with the client. I also had the opportunity to create a digital tablet version of the magazine containing various rich media and interactivity. 


Database of Intellectual Property (DIP) needed to enable users access to the registered patents and trademarks list quickly and easily. Find out how I simplified their content and created a simpler, more effective user experience in this website redesign case study.

Sign Up Modal

The main concept was to keep all the various inputs and options in one single modal, and animate between “states” by simply adding/removing elements. Inlcuding a real-time password security check, verifies that the user meets the site’s standards while they are typing, instead of clicking submit and inputting another attempt all over again.

I created the wireframes, mockups, and complete HTML/CSS/Coffeescript animation for this modal. 

*This is part of my Daily UI series, which I've been documenting here.